black gold – BP oil spill

So I woke up and open google reader to see what my friends are chirping about, as well as the NY Times, and I see this:


Really?  “Allow drilling without needed permits” and directly below it “Size of oil spill underestimated”, well maybe if they could figure out how to control the drilling they could also control the loss of unrefined oil into the ocean.

Obviously it’s not a exact parallel, but idea remains the same.  If you’re going to consume 1/3 of the worlds resources, or 19,500,000 BBL/day, you should be able to clean up a mess created by the over consumption of a limited natural resource that is controlled by a few selective corporations. Yes BP is a private company, it should be able to clean up after itself, but that’s not the case.

Could it be related to the amount of campaign contributions taken from the Obama administration from BP,  largest of any petroleum company, that prohibited his ambition to act on this knowing that he could be caught with his hand in the cookie jar?  Why not face the problem and help clean up the mess as essentially BP had paid for the backing anyway.   I can see why BP is angry with the administration.

Where is the global community or one of the world’s “superpowers” when this kind of ecological disaster happens?  Apparently, the US had a chance to jump in early in the game, but waited for the small disaster to become a large disaster.   Once the level of gas flowing into the Gulf of Mexico reach 4,000 + barrels a day, the administration decides that it’s time a declares it reached “national significance”…. really, only “national”?  Now at 5,000 + barrels of unrefined oil being dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, is this not a INTERNATIONAL problem?  This is where Chavez or some nut job could step in and help clean it up and humiliate the response of the world.

Now claimed to be larger than the Exxon Valdez spill, BP not only lied about the amount of petro leaking into the Gulf, but also limited payouts to coastal residents to $5,000.   Nice work guys, if you just played it straight, you could have saved some face and played the good guy oil company card in the end.

It just caught my eye as I’m typically against the US stepping in and taking control, but this would have been a nice one to see the Obama administration step up and contain the situation.



  1. Marisa - 2010/05/14 @ 4:28 pm

    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo.

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